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A$AP Rocky is currently being held for two weeks in a Swedish detention facility after a physical confrontation with two men who the rapper says were following him. Now a report has emerged about his jailed conditions, which state the center is “disease-ridden.”

TMZ details Rocky is sleeping on the equivalent of a yoga mat and does not have blankets during the night. In addition, Rocky’s cellmate is stated to battling mental health, which results in him slamming his head on the wall and throwing feces.

The efforts to maintain Rocky’s own health are said to be limited due to the low quality of food and drinking water that is available to him.


Rocky is currently facing as many as six years in prison if convicted. He is currently charged with assault.

A$AP Rocky had the right to immediately speak with a U.S. Consulate official, however, the meeting was denied, which is a violation of the Vienna Convention for Consular Relations. The belief of the denial is due to the harsh living conditions of the center. Rocky eventually met with the official two days later but was not able to do so privately. The two had Swedish guards in the room, which TMZ states was “a clear intimidation tactic.”

The next step for Rocky is assistance by the State Department, which was contacted by his team, so far that has been unsuccessful due to Swedish courts.