Hip-Hop is almost 50.

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What does that mean? It means that rap and the culture around the genre are no longer a young man or woman’s sport. There are generations that enjoy beats and rhymes, grandparents that consider themselves b-boys, and mothers and fathers that have love trap just as much as their children.

A great example of this went viral over the extended 4th of July weekend. A Philadelphia father and son team apparently went out to dinner to celebrate with the family the holidays. The son, in all of his young Simba energy, stepped out to showcase his lyrical dexterity, by freestyling for the camera. The beat is hyped as Freeway’s “What We Do” is glaring out of the family car’s system. It was all good until it seemed like he was coming at the Mufasa our of the crew. Daddy didn’t take kindly to the young boy trying to throw shots.


The young son says: “We still eating ’til the sun come out, the food was kinda hot… so I spit it out. Needs some water this ain’t a drought.” When it clearly appeared that his rhymes were not hitting as hard as maybe he intended, he shifted his focus. And barks, “I’m still spitting… I ain’t done. I’m that boah’s son. He’s trash…”

Why did he do that?

The door swings open and the father, a local Philly emcee and founder of The Clic Nik named Mad Cune, popped out to show the young whippersnapper how real rap really sounds.

“Spitting freestyles, while my son still playing…”  Check out the entire battle and tell us if you think the dad-blasted out of there or… if we are just old school biased.

My son started feeling himself and wants to freestyle. Then takes shots at his dear old dad! And then… ?????#FREESTYLE #FATHERSANDSONS #MADFAM #LITTLELOVE #DADCUNE #LETSGOOO #FULLCLIP

Posted by Mad Cune on Sunday, July 7, 2019

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