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Here’s a throwback for you: Former NBA stars Amar’e Stoudemire and Monta Ellis are attempting to make comebacks to the league. WOW! Interestingly, the 37-year old Stoudemire and the 33-year old Ellis have gained interest from 12 teams, including… you got it, the New York Knicks.

Not only are the Knicks watching the two former stars try to regain the glory of their past but the Lakers, Thunder, Bucks, Pistons, and Wizards were also in attendance Monday night in Las Vegas, according to Yahoo. The teams are already stationed in the Las Vegas for the NBA Summer League where the rookie talent is showing their teams their skills. At least 15 other teams representing Europe and Asia were also in attendance, according to Haynes.


Ellis last played for the Pacers in 2017. Stoudemire hasn’t played in the league since a 52-game stint with the Heat in 2016 but has hinted at attempting a long-shot comeback for more than a year. Bad knees were the undoing of Stoudemire. He was last seen playing in Ice Cube’s Big 3 league, along with a cast of former NBA players.

It’s a long shot either of them land a roster spot is an understatement. Teams are just finishing up their rosters and most are looking for younger players they can develop to put at the end of their bench.