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From afar, the man might look like Forrest Gump with his long beard and determination to walk across the United States. However, this bearded traveler is none other than Grammy-nominated hip hop artist Mike Posner and today, after walking over 1200 miles, he is somewhere in Missouri, almost to the Kansas border.

And he’s not alone.

On Tuesday, Posner was joined by fellow hip hop artist Tech N9ne, who tweeted a photo of the two (complete with walking gear and camelbacks) walking down a gravel path with the following caption:

He called out to me, and I joined him! I understood the cause! He said walk a mile but we walked and talked for 4 miles! Thank you @mikeposner and thank you @tumabasa for the link!#ENERGYNEVERDIESITTRANSFERS  #GODENERGY

Posner’s journey started on April 20 when he kicked off his journey in Asbury Park, New Jersey, with the intention of walking through the United States and ending in Venice Beach, California.


The “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” artist described his journey as one of self-reflection (he recently experienced several tragedies including the death of his father as well as long-time collaborator, Avicci) as well as an opportunity to motivate others to “seize the day.”

In an interview with CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas, Posner said that “The big thing is, everyone wants you to forget you’re gonna die. Why? Because then you waste your time, waste your precious life doing what they want you to do. … People ask, is there a cause for your walk? You know I’m not raising money or anything, but maybe the cause is just to remind people your life is now. If you close your eyes and open them back up, this is it.”

However, this solo journey is far from solo. Fans can follow Posner’s cross-country journey on his Instagram and Twitter. He has also announced that he will be releasing a new song each time that he crosses into a new state.