Donald Glover hit Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday in a lion onesie and gave information on every component of his career that fans have intrigue in. Ranging from The Lion King to Atlanta, nothing was untouched.

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With The Lion King hitting theaters next Friday (July 19), Glover revealed that he was not in the same room as Beyoncé when he recorded his parts for the film.

“I did not wanna be looking into Beyoncé’s eyes while doing this,” Glover joked about recording for The Lion King. “Nah actually, I was working on ‘Solo’ at the time so I was in London, so I recorded at Abbey Road Studios.”


Earlier this year, Glover’s time as Childish Gambino was cut short due to a broken foot. While he will wrap up those makeup dates soon, Glover states this may not be the last of Gambino that we will see.

“I mean, I think I’m gonna still do shows. I’m not quite sure, I’m pretty sure, I definitely wanna, I mean, I broke my foot. I had to make up these shows. I love music. I really love making music.”

As far as Atlanta, the show will be returning. Glover kept the details short stating that his contract says he has to.

You can check out the full interview for more about meeting and working with Beyoncé and his career below.