You may have listened to Lawoyne’s new EP “Black Roses”, and wondered how his soulful voice came to be. To say that this has been a long time coming would be an understatement as the artist has been chasing after the music ever since he was nine years old. Lawoyne’s skillset as an entertainer are completely unmatched to anything else especially in his hometown of Elkhart, Indiana. Making music sound exactly how HE wants it to is not a new concept for him- as a matter of fact, he started out making his own beats with his own two hands. That same innovation and creativity is still more prevalent than ever when it comes to his signature sound and overall vibe.

Don’t waste your time comparing this artist to anyone else because you’ll soon find he truly doesn’t sound like anyone else. He’s entirely versatile in his art form and his subject matter is always creative. “I’m just trying to be myself in everything I do. I can rap and I can sing, so there’s always something for everyone. It’s always a cool vibe no matter what,” said the artist. To his point, his sultry voice always reels the ladies in with the sexual undertones. Like we said, there’s something for everyone!

The focus for his latest EP “Black Roses” is really geared toward his female audience. And, in short, he is definitely delivering. The feedback he has received thus far has all been positive, which he is obviously amped about. “People are really loving the project. I’m about to release the visuals for my single, ‘Breath of Fresh Air’, which is very sexual yet classy at the same time,” said Lawoyne. The video was shot in the highest definition, so fans will definitely get the full view of his artistic range with this.

Lucky for Lawoyne fans, the artist continues to release his own line of merchandise. He’s always looking for more ways to relate to his fans on a different level as this connection is so important to him. He is completely signed to his own publishing company, so he has free range to legitimately do what he wants in terms of making his career skyrocket. The sky is the limit for Lawoyne. Stay tuned!