By now it is common knowledge that former Jive recording artist and Swizz Beats protegé, Cassidy lost in a rap battle against the Bronx bomber, Goodz.

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The two have had history. They were both loosely affiliated with the Ruff Ryder camp, but also have had beef. Cassidy claimed that he never lost to anyone, much less the kid he once “mentored.”  That was until…. SMACK/ URL hosted a battle this Spring called “Resolution,” where the lead battle on the card was this grudge match between these two rhyme spitters.

Only thing…


Cassidy did not have the same caché he sported back in the early 2000s and did not have the same gas that he enjoyed during the battle against Dizaster in Los Angeles on King of The Dot.  According to most, he lost to the Grown Man Bars leader.

Fans have been saying that. Battle rap media and analysts rappers have been saying it. But now some of Cassidy’s fellow commercial rappers have weight in…  Dave East linked up with Goodz in a studio to talk real rap about the now infamous battle. Battle rap media giant, HipHopIsReal captured it on film.

Dave says to Cassidy, while kicking it with a group of friends:

“Ayo Cass, I believed in you bro. I was a fan at one time. So I ain’t one of the n*ggas that ain’t gonna say, ‘I wasn’t a fan.”

But before he could say that “Goodz f…” everyone starts hysterically laughing, presumably at the his loss.

He finishes with a word to the wise, “You have to grow with the time.” And later broke down the real problem with Cassidy, “He is delusional.”