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Ghazi Shami, the founder of Empire Records and Distribution, is out here making a difference for the brothers and sisters on lockdown.  The music influencer, who has been responsible for giving some of your favorite artist’s new life through a more liberating industry model, took to Instagram to offer to put money on various people’s books. No question asked. He wants to just be a blessing to some people down on their luck.

In a simple, but powerful post, he said:

“To all my people doing time behind the wall. Hit me on JPay… I’m droppin money on your books all week. Username”


He gives further instructions in the comment section: “Or DM JPay inmate # (I’m limited to 3 a day) but ill keep doing them… Just send that info..”

Many have congratulated him on this step to ease the sentence for those serving time. Fat Joe gave several fire emojis. Uncle Murda posted 100% across the boards. Sheek Louch from The Lox even commented.  They all know how tough it can be to get some dough on your books, and the extents people go to get a little extra to hold them over until they get paid.

It really is a sham…

Did you know that according to the folk are getting paid less in 2019, than they were almost 20 years ago?, On average of the minimum daily wages paid to an inmate in a prison with a non-industry prison job is now 86 cents, almost a whole dime less than they were paid in 2001. The maximum average daily wage has declined more significantly, from $4.73 in 2001 to $3.45 today.

Good looking Ghazi! If putting your money where your heart is, we can see that he truly loves the people who listen to his artists.