The Fyre Festival was an epic fail and Ja Rule’s name will forever be affiliated with it although the rapper tried to file a motion to get the lawsuit approved.

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TMZ reports that a judge agreed that his alleged fake posts can’t be traced to him or aren’t exactly defined as fraud but he did put out this one tweet that might be his downfall: “The stage is set!!! In less than 24 hours, the first annual Fyre Festival begins. #festivallife.”

Ja Rule tweeted that a day before when he reportedly knew many of the performers weren’t attending.


About a month ago, he stopped by The Breakfast Club with Irv Gotti and said he was considering executing another festival despite the debacle with the Fyre Festival.

“It was f****** done wrong. It was organized bad,” said the New York rapper. “The idea of it was dope, the marketing was dope, everything was done very right on that end. The execution was extremely bad, man.” According to Ja other festival producers have encouraged his optimism.

“I’m getting calls from the biggest motherfucking n****s who do festivals in the world,” he says. “Sure, I would like to do another festival and do it right because that’s what I intended to do in the first motherf******place.”