There is money beef brewing between Spinderella and Salt-N-Pepa as the historic Hip-Hop DJ is suing for numerous unpaid royalties, appearances and more.

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Spin has filed a suit against her two groupmates stating she was swindled out of dollars dating back to 1999. According to TMZ, the lawsuit reads Spidnerella was promised to receive a third of the royalties for their Best Of album but did not. The amount she was set to receive from the release was $125,000.

The issues do not stop there, Spinderella also states she was excluded from the VH1 that chronicled the group’s rise. Another third of funds were to be given to her, however, she was limited to just guest spots and paid less than the agreed upon amount.


Back in 2018 Spinderella appeared at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards but was not paid.

Adding insult to the pocket injury, Spinderella was stiffed on additional royalties. The report states SoundExchange, the company responsible for the distribution of royalties to artists revealed her groupmates received over $600,000 in the past decade. Spinderella did not receive a dollar.

In the lawsuit, Spin is stating trademark infringement as she is still being promoted in appearances, fraud, and breach of contract.