Similar to the rollout for Toy Story 4, Disney is utilizing the power of the fashion collab to help promote the upcoming release of The Lion King remake. You’re sure to spot a handful of them out there, but one that stood out to us the most this week is this full range capsule collection in collaboration with ASOS DESIGN.

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Although a clear promotion for the live-action/CGI revamp of the film, the collection features graphic motifs on a range of T-shirts, jackets, shorts and other unisex apparel that incorporate characters from the original 1994 animated version. Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, Zazu, Nala and the classic scene where Rafiki holds a newborn Simba over Pride Rock are all featured designs. There’s also a range of non-graphic options that are more inspired by the African prints, colors and the Pride Lands where our favorite fictional talking animals reside. With an affordable price range of $26 USD to $87 USD, there’s no reason not to be looking fly while crying your eyes out during the scene where Mufa — well, just go see the film next week if you’re one of five people still getting around to watching OG Disney flicks.

Shop Disney’s ‘The Lion King‘ Collection By ASOS DESIGN right now online. Peep the full set below:

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