In case you missed it, R. Kelly was picked up in Chicago on federal charges by the NYPD and Homeland Security. Friday morning, his publicist Darrell Johnson held a press conference in Atlanta to give an update on the singer, instead, he was disrupted by the family of alleged victim Joycelyn Savage.

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While at the podium, Johnson spoke to the gathered media but was interrupted by Timothy Savage.

“I don’t wanna hear all that, bro,” Timothy Savage, Joycelyn’s father, said. “R. Kelly is in there right now in jail. I wanna know where my daughter’s at! Where is she at? Answer that question!”


Johnson did respond to Savage and detailed that he has “nothing to do” with his daughter and she was not being held against her will.

According to the Associated Press, R. Kelly was apprehended after he left his Trump Tower Chicago residence to walk his dog. He now has a 13-count Illinois federal idnictment, which contains charges of child pornography, enticement of a minor and obstruction of justice. He will be arraigned on those charges on Tuesday, July 16.

The New York federal indictment brings forth charges of racketeering and violating the Mann Act, which tackles the transportation of individuals for “any sexual activity that may be charged as a crime.” Details also include that he engaged in sexual activity without detailing he had a sexually transmitted disease.

R. Kelly is currently in Chicago but will also have to face a court in New York.