Toni Braxton swore to tell the truth and the whole truth yesterday during a court hearing. She expressed to the jury how heartbroken she was that the theft on trial ran off with over $2 million dollars in precious jewelry, including the $1 million engagement ring Birdman gave her.

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The perpetrator was an employee of the airport’s cleaning service and went through the singer’s bag that she left in Los Angeles. Three other employees from the cleaning service says they were on the Delta aircraft when they saw defendant take Toni’s ring, two vintage earrings, four expensive watches including two Rolex’s an Cartiers. The total cost of the robbery was $2.5 million.

Unfortunately the jewelry is still missing. Toni Braxton told TMZ that she hopes to retrieve her valuable items as she left court.


Birdman gave her the ring in February of last year when he proposed to her. Her reason for not wearing it during the flight is because her fingers swell up when she flies as a result of her lupus.