Canada births many talented creatives. Lil Def, an young artist comes straight from the land of ice and snow. He is from Lqaluit, Nunavut. Many may ask where is that? Lil Def has been putting his city on the map with his most recent release, ‘Can’‪t Stop Winning.’ His colorful and vibrant delivery allows his listeners to vibe out and relate to his records. The new single features $teve Cannon, who adds necessary diversity to make this song a timeless track. Produced by the legendary Zaytoven, the song has received the stamp of approval by many big acts such as Lil Pump, Lil Tracy, and more.

Lil Def briefly tells us how the creative direction for this visual was inspired.

“The foreign lambo canceled on us last second and it was my last full day in Los Angeles so I quickly hit up a couple people I knew with hellcats so we got them together and since I’m from Canada and there’s no palm trees I wanted this to be personal for me and my fans but making it really have that summer vibes.

I came from a humble background and I know people who have changed from this lifestyle but I won’t ever switch because I know what it’s like to not have anything.”

He openly elaborates on some of the lyrics and what his creative process is like:

“Honestly when I got off the phone with Zaytoven about what type of beat I wanted I knew this was gonna be my biggest track to date so I wanted to give it my all and get a feature from someone I really fucked with and not only that but shoot it in la to have those vibes and I wanted all our edits on the video to make the experience of the video much better.”

“Got a lot of hoes/ but one girls replace em/”

“Hoes are a good thing sometimes but after a while you just feel lost because you don’t know why you’re doing it or what they like you for so when you buckle with that one girl and really get to know them it’s a good feeling knowing someone has your back”

Needless to say, everything about the production slaps. Zaytoven never misses. The music video for, ‘Can’t Stop Winnin,’ is exhilarating, creative and fun. With new singles on the way, all eyes are on the emerging artist coming out of the Canadian Arctic.

Watch the music video for, ‘Can’t Stop Winnin,’ here: