Anticipation for HBO’s teen angst-centered series Euphoria starring young Hollywood starlet Zendaya has been at a serious high since Drake and Future the Prince were first announced as executive producers last summer. Now, the reception has been so well that the show has officially been renewed for a second season after only airing five episodes.

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Euphoria has gained a fanbase for its unapologetic, extremely uncensored look into the lives of high school teens on the West Coast that depicts issues relating to sex, drugs, mental illness, porn and, yes, even full-frontal male nudity on a much higher scale than ever seen before on broadcast television. The realness to approaching these issues has put the show in a class all of its own, and the appeal is only expected to grow by the time the Season 1 finale airs later this summer.


Catch up on ‘Euphoria‘ right now via HBO streaming services, and watch new episodes airing every Sunday at 10PM EST on HBO. Peep the trailer for the upcoming episode below:

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