Over the weekend, Joycelyn Savage’s parents interrupted a press conference hosted by R. Kelly’s publicity and legal team to ask the question: “Where is my daughter????” And Joycelyn answered the query via social media with poster with her “sister-wife,” Azriel Clary.

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While not very vocal, Savage appeared on a video with the charismatic and sassy, Clary. You might remember Clary from the now legendary interview on CBS, where she while defending R. Kelly handed the business to Gayle King. She returns in this video with the same energy, making sure that the world knows that any allegations against her man (and rumors about her co-girlfriend) are fake news.

The video that was posted on TMZ says:


“We actually just read an article that said that we were evicted from The Trump, and saying that we are in emergency living (and all kinds of stuff like that). We just wanted to let you all know that that is not true. We are here. We are at the Trump.”

Clary (who is speaking) then turns the camera to give the viewers a peak at the skyline from the window. Clary then goes on to imply that Joycelyn’s parents are spreading lies about the girls. Surprisingly, Joycelyn hardly speaks.

What are your thoughts?