It looks like Soulja Boy has made another comeback in 2019. According to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department records, Big Draco was released early from jail Sunday (July 14).

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Sources in the L.A. Sheriff’s Department told TMZ the viral rap sensation secured his release due to good behavior, time served and overcrowding. He’ll now be getting out 146 days early after originally being sentenced to 240 days in jail.

Soulja, whose real name is DeAndre Way, found himself locked because of a parole violation. According to reports, the judge considered sentencing him to as much as two years in prison but he only ended up serving a little over three months behind bars.


The multi-platinum selling artist and video game entrepreneur is not out of the woods yet. He still has to complete 265 days of community service, which was the source of his parole violation trouble. In April, he was arrested after failing to complete court-ordered community service and accused of attempting to falsify evidence of doing the work.

After the sentencing, Soulja’s attorney Fred Minassian told E! News, “We’re very thankful to the judge. The judge initially indicated that he would be sentenced for two years. We’re very grateful the judge sentenced him to 240 days.”

He continued, “My client is pleased that this situation is behind him, he accepts the judge’s sentence and is going to comply with all rules, regulations and directives of the court and the probation department.”