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Meek Mill has been on probation since 2008, and today he has a hearing to finally get his decade-old case overturned.

The Philly emcee was sentenced to five years on probation after his gun and drug arrest 11 years ago. His probation has been conveniently extended as he kept himself out of trouble for nine years until just recently when he was arrested in New York City and sentenced to two to four years in jail just for popping a wheelie in the street to impress some children. His life has changed forever and he is officially a prison reform advocate.

His ongoing battle with this case has been well-documented, as he accused Judge Genece Brinkley of being biased against him. Meek will talk about the injustices he faced to millions of people when his special with Gayle King airs on CBS Tuesday morning.

In the clip below, Meek Mill reveals that he needs permission to travel out of the local area.


“Even if it’s to the next county over. If it’s out of the city, if you don’t ask for permission, you could get the rest of your probation time given to you as jail time legally.” He explained picking his son up from school was impossible with these ridiculous restrictions. “My son lived in New Jersey, but I lived in Philadelphia, and the bridge is a 15-minute ride. It’s just a bridge. I couldn’t go get my son from school when I wanted to, ’cause you know, some days I would get off work early. I would just have a free day, and I would just want to pop up at my son’s school and get him from school. I’d been out of town for two weeks in a row workin’. Can’t really do it.”