There is so much nonsense going on in the world, here is a little bit a joy to brighten your day. Remy Ma and Papoose’s “golden child” started the day out telling her parents (who shared it with the world) the most delightful story.

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Her dad starts out by asking his baby if she likes that craziness. That’s all she needed to get started. She started letting her parents know exactly what you thought about the entire situation at hand. In the background, you can hear Remy egging her on, letting her know that she definitely feels where she is coming from.


Dressed in the cutter Dolce & Gabbana Love is Love flowered dress, jean jacket and an adorable red flower bow on her head, we could watch Little Miss Reminisce Mackenzie Mackie all day. Clearly stunting on the other babies, you see Baby Ma in a luxury model, Silver Cross stroller. Of course, her parents are heavy fashion icons.

Runway be damned, they are also pretty awesome examples of Black love and family.