It is true what they say… you have not party partied… unless you’ve been “Uptown.”

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It is so true, that generations have flocked to the village of Harlem to get their fly on. Sugar Hill. Apollo. Cotton Club. 125. Dapper Dan. “The Show” from Doug E. Fresh.  Soul in the Horn. If you ask those who really know about having a ball they will tell you that basically the “get fly” and the “get right” might have started in Harlem.

So it makes good sense for Hennessy to connect with one of Uptown’s top celebrity tastemakers to collaborate with one of their influencers in creating a cocktail that will get the party started.


Recently, Hennessy introduced The Dimensional cocktail to the world. The drink, which is sure to turn the party all the way up, is a collab between A$AP Ferg and renowned digital graffiti artist, Felipe Pantone. But how did this even happen? What party did fairy whispered in their corporate ears to make this happen?

Well, Hennessy V.S, which is known as the world’s best-selling Cognac, has been pulling together cultural combos like this for some time. The brand has had a lengthy “history of celebrating the arts and those that ‘Never stop. Never settle.’ through their Very Special Limited Edition Series. For the last nine years, they have been selecting special personalities to create not just cool drink combos, but who may place an indelible mark on the spirits cultural history.

This year the collaboration was with Pantone.

Based on his original artwork “W-3 Dimensional Three Stars,” a piece inspired by Hennessy’s past, they created a limited edition bottle aesthetic called “Remixing the Present” for fans. Doing out of the pocket art installations (and the bottle is an artistic installation) is nothing new for this porteño, a native from the country of Buenos Aires. Starting as a streetwise experimental graffitist, who has forged his own path by finding the intersection of vintage typography and optical art with kinetics. His visual language resonates in a collision of mesmerizing color, bold graphics and 3D illusions, while his technique explores an appreciation of history that is constantly being transformed by forward-looking technology. His work has been exhibited all over Europe, America, Australia, and Asia.

Connecting him with Hip-Hop gem, A$AP Ferg was a no brainer (as Ferg has been working with the Cognac for over a year). Marrying two cultural voices (loud & brashy, yet smooth & thought provocative) to create a party-popping cocktail was genius. What it did was mix that Spanish Alegria with Upton swag to move an idea for a popping drink to the next level or dimension.

Thus the name.

The Dimensional cocktail is vibrant in color and delivers a nuanced taste that marries both artists’ minds and palates.

The Dimensional


  • 1.5 oz Hennessy V.S Cognac
  • .5 oz Ginger Liqueur
  • 2 dashes Hella bitters Ginger
  • 2 oz. Hibiscus tea
  • .5 oz Lemon juice
  • .5 oz Pomegranate Grenadine
  • Garnish: Candied ginger

This August, the new Felipe Pantone x A$AP Ferg REMIXED Cocktail Kit for Hennessy V.S so that you can make the drink at home for friends and family will be available as a cocktail kit for purchase exclusively at