It was an eyebrow-raiser yesterday when headlines read the LAPD was investigating Nipsey Hussle and his associates for gang-related activities in and around The Marathon clothing store up until the time of his death.

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But now authorities are claiming that the late rapper wasn’t on their radar. TMZ reports that a high-ranking official confirmed that the investigation was about the ongoing gang activities that occur around the mall strip. It’s important to note that the tabloid said that the LAPD and L.A. City Attorney couldn’t explain why Nipsey Hussle’s name was brought up in the investigation in the first place since he allegedly wasn’t a target, or what their end game was.

The case is now a flop since the slain rapper has been dubbed a neighborhood hero who was against gang violence and employed felons and ex-convicts to keep them off the streets.


The “Racks in the Middle” rapper’s store has been closed since he was gunned down but the online store is still available to make purchases.