The Hip Hop community is screaming #FreeFlacko ever since A$AP Rocky was arrested in Sweden after defending himself from a “fan” who was following and harassing him.

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TMZ caught up with Quavo and asked about his thoughts about the entire ordeal and he revealed that he was also mistreated by Swedish cops. He didn’t detail when the incident happened but he made it clear that he’s well aware of the way Swedish authorities give it up.

“Sweden had us down on the curb as soon as we went to Sweden,” he said. “They had me and my cameraman on the curb, and they were trying to lock us up too.”


“Free my boy Rocky,” Quavo added.

As a result of his arrest, a few artists have vowed to stop performing in Sweden including, Tyler The Creator, SchoolBoy Q, and T.I. There’s a petition with hundreds of thousands of signatures urging for the Harlem rapper’s release.

Ahead of his arrest, Rocky took to social media to upload videos of the men harassing him and alleged that one of the men sexually assaulted several women.

The two men are currently under investigation for sexual assault and molestation.