Big Baller Brand might not be so big and baller after all.

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LaVar Ball’s brand debuted just a few years ago with the ZO2 sneakers, which his son Lonzo turned down lucrative shoe deal offers from Nike and Adidas to promote. However, the demand for the products never really peaked. The ZO2’s insane price tag of $495 and questions of whether it could fill online orders accurately might have had something to do with BBB’s struggles.


BBB-branded tees that were once priced at $50 are now being sold for just $5, while a bundle including a shirt, hoodie, sneakers, and pair of socks is listed for $100.

Back in May, not long after Big Baller Brand co-founder Alan Foster reportedly stole more than $1.5 million from Lonzo, LaVar reportedly signed public relations firm EAG Sports Management with the hope of relaunching his beloved brand.

Considering the company’s official site remains under construction, things don’t look good for Ball’s company. Clearly, the Big Baller Brand has seen better days.