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Hip-Hop often hears the story of the murder of Tupac through the lens of the late rapper. Glasses Malone is offering the other side in his new single and video for “2Pac Must Die (Orlando Anderson).”

The Hip-Hop community has often heard throughout the years the man who killed Tupac is allegedly Orlando Anderson. Through verses and a supporting visual Malone takes fans into Anderson’s world and provides details of how everything went form his viewpoint. The video displays the events that led to their encounter, including the MGM Grand fight and the actual shooting in Las Vegas in 1996. In the video, you will also see Anderson stealing the chain of a Death Row member at a gas station sparking the chain of events.

Complex details the single and video is intended to give a message as he detailed during the premiere party for the video.


“If y’all are tired of people dying. Y’all know people dying. Y’all know what happened with Nip. Y’all know what happened with certain homies on the street shit, is because nobody telling nobody else the truth,” Malone said. “So what I’m here to do is I can’t sell you hope. Y’all can buy that shit from other rappers. I’ma sell you the truth. And then its up to you to do what you wanna do with the education. All I can do is bring it to you.”

The video has caused a stir online with many looking past the title and understanding the message and the story. There is the other side who believes the video is tasteless and did not need to be made.

You can check out the video below.