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Seems that A$AP Rocky will not be released from a Swedish jail no time soon. According to TMZ, prosecutors made public a press release stating that they will keep him incarcerated while they continue to research what actually the altercation between he and a Swedish citizen. This research will last for another week. They will have had the rock star locked up for three weeks… before they can even determine that something happened????

Rocky and two of his associates are accused of assault and attempted assault (even after he defended himself against an initial blow delivered by the man in question). But because it is not all the way clear what happened, and the courts have not fully viewed the video that has been passing around for weeks, the trio remain behind bars. Confusing, right?


Racially and xenophobic motivated incarceration usually is.

So why has Rocky not been offered bond? Well, they don’t trust that Black man. Prosecutors believe that he’s a flight risk.

As reported by The Source, Kim and Kanye have reached out the President to help move things along. If he can’t stop fighting wrongfully locking up people here, how do we expect him to make progress there? Oh… that’s right… A$AP Rocky got some money… he might have a chance. Oh wait… he is Black… maybe not.