Should rappers stop touring Sweden in protest against the apparent racism perpetrated against A$AP Rocky in his recent arrest in Sweden? Aside from the ridiculous nature of his arrest, clearly a heavy-handed abuse of authority, many are pointing to how differently G-Eazy was treated when he got arrested in the same country.

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According to TMZ, last year when G-Eazy was in Stockholm and got arrested. G-Eazy actually was arrested for the same crime (assault). In addition to the punching a Swedish citizen, he also was detained snorting coke using a $100 bill.  Unlike the A$AP incident, not only is there no video (there are two videos of this incident clearly showing that Rocky was defending himself) to vindicate him… he plead guilty to violent resistance, a crime of violence against an official and illegal drug possession. The white “No Limit Rapper” was allowed by the prosecutors to strike a deal in a sensible time (less than two days) and pay a $10K fine. He also had to pay the security guard $900 and is on probation in that country.

And before you say that is just one incident… TMZ further reminds us that Snoop Dogg was also racially profiled while touring in Sweden.


Put this in perspective: A$AP faces 6 years in prison for his alleged assault. G-Eazy spent less than 2 days behind bars.