The home of Los Angeles rapper YG was searched on Thursday after a high-speed chase and shooting involving a vehicle that was registered to the rappers name.

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In the shooting, an innocent bystander was killed, while a sheriff’s deputy was injured in the chase.

Speaking for the Los Angeles Sherrif’s Department, Debut Marvin Crowder, stated YG, born Keenon Jackson, was not implicated in the shooting and was also not present in his home during the search.


TMZ details during the investigation of the Hollywood Hills home, several people were detained but none were arrested.

The incident happened on July 3 when a Cadillac Escalade was being pulled over for what appeared to be reckless driving. A person riding in the vehicle fired at the deputies attempting the traffic stop with an assault rifle. The occupants also shot at a helicopter tracking the vehicle. One suspect was arrested in a chase.

The bystander show as injured was Ricky Cornell Stars, a 65-year-old resident of Compton, California. There were no details released if the man was killed by gunfire from the deputies or the occupants of the Escalade.

YG proclaimed his innocence in regards to the shooting online and the Sherriff’s Department state there is “no concrete link” that associated the rapper with the crime.