Battle rap legend Cassidy still contends that he is undefeated in lyrical match-ups. Maintaining that he was victorious against GMB Colonel Goodz, he has set his eyes on another popular URL vet. While people have been pushing him towards Rum Nitty, the “Hotel” emcee seems to be throwing shots at Tsu Surf on his latest battle track “Body After Body.”  The diss track has legs, as it has sent fans of both lyrical titans into a frenzy.

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Out of no where, Cassidy throws out a line on the song that seems to reference The Wave:


“I might have exaggerated a little bit, over little sh*t.

But this little b*tch just be fabricating, he full of sh*t. 

I got a crib full of chicks… they airheads like my bullettips…

I’m gonna pop them off, then drop them off. 

You cotton soft, a cotton ball goes harder than you.

Acting hard and hard to do… Tsu knock it off…”

Cassidy pops off the shots… but Surf has taken shot to the body way harder than this. Seemingly, taken off guard. In a post, he seemed to play dumb asking “…Aye @cassidy_larsiny.. THAT WAS FOR ME?”

He added, “you can just comment NO, and I’ll go bacc to minding my business.”

Other battlers chimed in like Tay Roc saying “Nah, @cassidy_larsiny U ain’t do that.” This is important as Cass and Tay Roc (Surf’s brother in their forminable Gun Titles duo group) have made music together. Why would he want to splish splash with Roc’s brother? (BARS)

Surf’s Jersey and fellow crip brother, Shotgun Suge just put crying laughing emoji’s to express his sentiment. Why the disbelief? It is the consensus of the culture that the hyper promoting, rhyme-trolling early 2000s emcee lost his battle at Resolution almost 3 months ago. In fact, one clue as to why Surf is a target is because of a newly released HipHopIsReal video, where Satans’ Grandson is straight clowning the technical performance lyricist by unpacking his lyrics and performance technically. (MORE BARS)

Could Cass have seen this?

Either way, fans are here for it. Read some of the twitter commentaries below:


Surf is an interesting choice. He currently is working on new music, while enjoying the accolades from his street acclaimed offering, Seven25. Many are considering him next up. Even The Source in our current Future issue inducted him into the exclusive “Unsigned Hype” fraternity. Almost a year to this day, Tsu Surf was inducted into another fraternity populated by brilliant lyricists such as Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G., 50 Cent, Trae The Truth, Cam’ron, Fabolous and so many more. It was a nerve wracking day as it was also less than a week from the shooting and killing of XXXtentacion. Surf was the victim of an attempted assassination, sustaining life changing injuries.

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Outside of the post on his instagram, we have yet to hear Tsu Surf’s response.