For those still getting around to reading the new book Made in Harlem by fashion icon Dapper Dan, the legendary designer stopped by The Daily Show with host Trevor Noah recently for an insightful one-on-one that will have you running to a bookstore to begin reading, ASAP!

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The convo feels like one of those talks you’d have with a wise elder family member, which Dapper Dan could be considered to the culture as a whole given the 74-year-old’s wisdom and prowess within his field of expertise. He discusses everything from his early hustler days of making “something out of nothing,” whether that be making his own fabric or spearheading the “logomania” craze, to making self-described “knock-ups” for some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop and Black Hollywood alike. LL Cool J, Jam Master Jay, Salt-N-Pepa and most notably Mike Tyson were some of his premiere clients, and it continues today as we saw at this year’s Met Gala when he gave some of the flyest Gucci looks to 21 Savage, Regina Hall, Omari Hardwick and others.

Of all the gems he drops in this interview, here’s the one that stands out the most for us:


“Culture is what moves fashion; this Hip-Hop culture went global! So, if the culture can go global, why can’t the representatives of the culture go global as well? That’s what I advocate for.”

— Dapper Dan

Watch Dapper Dan’s full interview on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah above, which includes deeper conversation about his partnership with Gucci and his decision to stand by them through the recent controversy. Also, pick up Made in Harlem right now for the most insightful look into his journey of success in the fashion world.