After achieving the highest-grossing film of his career with the Aladdin remake last month, Will Smith may soon be able to officially say that he’s done it all. However, there’s still one lane that he’s yet to master: the fashion industry. Thankfully Moncler is coming through in the clutch to make sure the veteran thespian becomes a certified fashion bro as well.

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Our favorite “Fresh Prince” is the face of Moncler’s new “Genius Is Born Crazy” campaign, which plays off the idea that some of the most brilliant minds of our time are usually branded with such a negative title until the majority (i.e. the world) finally co-signs what they’ve been pushing all along. As Will’s story goes, the famed actor infamously turned down a scholarship to MIT, never even applying to college even, all because he truly believed so much in his rap career. Pretty “crazy,” right? Tell that to the guy that now has four GRAMMYs, one of those being the first-ever “Best Rap Performance” award, two number 1 Billboard Hot 100 records and a successful acting career that is still garnering praise over two decades later. Sounds like Moncler chose the best man for this one. Definitely not a bad way to kick off your first fashion campaign either.

Check out Will Smith in the preview of the new “Genius Is Born Crazy” campaign by Moncler above, and peep a few behind the scenes shots below. We’ll keep you all updated on the full rollout.

Images: Tim Walker / Moncler