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What could have been a late fourth of July meal involving banana pudding turned into an arrest for Atlanta rapper Young Dro.

The “Shoulder Lean” rapper was arrested on July 5 for tossing a plate of banana pudding at his girlfriend as they argued. TMZ details after the police arrived at the home and his girlfriend stated she did not want to press charges, Dro was arrested anyway.

To this moment Dro is reportedly still behind bars, however, it is due to a child support contempt order and not due to tossing desserts across the dinner table. Court documents state $41,000 is owed from the “Rubberband Banks” rapper in back child support and would need $10,000 for him to go home. If you ask Dro, he is paid up and everything is an error.


Hopefully, it’s cleared up and he will get to fix everything at home soon.