Blueface has gone polygamous.

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It was all good just a week ago. The California rapper recently got matching tattoos with both of his boo thangs, but a lot has changed since then. Earlier yesterday, he stopped by The Breakfast Club morning show and when asked about his girlfriends, Blueface said it was very stressful maintaining relationships with two women.

“It ain’t even last long,” said the rapper. “I still got my BM though- that’s forever.”


According to Blueface, the other woman who was not his baby mother claimed to only be with him for his fame and fortune. The comment was a complete turn-off. He was willing to take her back if she offered a formidable apology, but she failed to cater to him afterward.

Now Blueface is a one-woman man and does not have to endure the stress that comes with being in a three-way relationship. In addition, the Cash Money West rapper addressed his self-proclaimed comments of being the best lyricist out. He further explained that he is the best lyricist among new artists.

“If you’re really listening, they not even rapping, everybody’s singing,” he said. “It’s damn near an R&B show.”

Hip-Hop has transitioned into more melodic tunes. Cash Money West’s (CMW) Vice President, Wack 100 was on deck to back up his artists. He claimed to have signed to Blueface because of his strong wordplay. Charlemagne adamantly disagreed, but acknowledged that has yet to listen to any other song aside from “Thotiana.” Catch the full interview below.