Blueface and his family are going through it.

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The “Thotiana” rapper recently made headlines after kicking his mother and sister out of his home for their behavior. Apparently, both his mother and sister feel as if he has changed since he became famous. Well a few weeks later, his sister has returned with some spicy words for her younger brother.


Blueface stopped by The Breakfast Club to address the situation that occurred.

“I think when you get money, it changes the people around you,” he told The Breakfast Club. “Once you start acting different- Ima mirror the way you act.”

The Cali rapper claimed that his family is responsible for his behavior change. He is only responding to their actions. Is this diss track a beginning to a rap career for Blueface’s sister? However, the outcome turns out no one will come out on top. In the words of Jay-Z, “no one wins when the family feuds.