We are officially in the era of live-action remakes — basically, all of our favorite childhood cartoons have been getting real-world makeovers on film lately. From the reboots that’ve sparked major interest, like The Little Mermaid and Dora The Explorer, to the less-than-stellar upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog film, Hollywood just can’t get enough of adapting scripts from the world of animation. Now, it looks like Disney’s popular “One Saturday Morning” series Recess will soon be seeing the live-action treatment as well.

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Spearheaded by filmmakers Kent Donguines and Jerome Yoo, this version of Recess is an independently-made project — a “fan film,” if you will — that sees the whole gang reimagined as high school kids dealing with more teen angsts issues like peer pressure, social media, self identity and of course love.

Here’s what the official description says on the film’s Indiegogo page:

“Picture 10-year-old you sitting in front of the TV, watching TJ, Spinelli, Gretchen, Vince, Mikey, Gus, Randall, the Ashleys and the rest of the colourful cast at 3rd Street Elementary School getting up to their usual hijinks. You lay your head to rest that night and dream about being part of this group and then awake 20 years later and think: ‘Hey, I wonder what happened to the Recess gang when they went to high school?’ Well, YOU’RE WELCOME, because we’re here to answer that question for you!”

As pointed out in the pitch video (seen above), the Recess reboot will feature a main cast of fresh faces, like Clive Holloway as Gus, Fritzy-Klevans Destine as Vince and Lillian Doucet-Roche as Gretchen, in addition to more experienced actors like The Order‘s Louriza Tronco as Spinelli and Deadly Class alumni Benjamin Wadsworth and Sean Depner as TJ and Mikey, respectively. Of course, “The Ashleys” are here as well — the trio consists of fellow Deadly Class actresses Kelcey Mawema and Emilija Baranac joined by Some Assembly Required star Sydney Scotia — and The Order actor Adam DiMarco rounding things out as Miss Finster’s annoying teacher’s pet Randall.

This unofficial live-action remake of ‘Recess‘ has entered its post-production phase and is being crowdfunded over on Indiegogo. It will debut this August for free, with all proceeds from donations going towards funds to finish the film. Let us know if you’d watch and/or support by sounding off on our Twitter and Facebook!

Images: Noah Asanias