Steve Kerr gave his thoughts on the events leading up to Anthony Davis getting traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, saying that a player demanding a trade with multiple years left on their contract was a topic the league would have to address.

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Kerr said the trend of players who are not free agents forcing trades to get out of existing contracts, as evidenced by the Davis-to-Lakers deal, is a “real problem.”

“I’m talking more about the Anthony Davis situation,” Kerr told The Warriors Insider Podcast. “Where a guy is perfectly healthy and has a couple of years left on his deal and says, ‘I want to leave.’ That’s a real problem that the league has to address and that the players have to be careful with.


“When you sign on that dotted line, you owe your effort and your play to that team, to that city, to the fans. And then it’s completely your right to leave as a free agent. But if you sign the contract, then you should be bound to that contract.”

Kerr continued to elaborate on the issue and how Davis forced his way out of New Orleans by holding the team hostage. The situation became a puddled mess after Davis’ agent, Rich Paul, went public with Davis’ desire to leave the Pelicans in January of the 2018-19 season. The Pelicans initially had planned to sit Davis for the remainder of the season, only to renege on that plan after the NBA threatened to fine New Orleans if they did so.

Kerr does have a point. Davis did force his way out and it’s becoming somewhat of the normal thing to do in the NBA. This could also be Kerr deflecting from the fact all isn’t well with the Warriors and for the first time in five years, they aren’t favored to win the NBA championship.