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A Florida woman named Rie Phillips posted terrifying footage of raw chicken breast crawling off the dinner table of a restaurant.

It’s unclear which restaurant this is but from the looks of the chopsticks in the video, it was most likely at a Japanese, Chinese, or Korean restaurant that allows you to cook a portion of your meal at the table.


The chicken first started twitching before pulling itself upward then crawling off the table on to the floor. An onlooker can be heard screaming in the viral clip that has now garnered over four million views.

One person commented, “usually because the meat is so fresh the muscles can still move,” while a second added, “it was so fresh that some of the muscles are still firing off signals.”

Other users didn’t want any smoke, “Hell no if my food is walking, I’m walking too.”

Chickens have been known to continue moving even after losing their heads, hence the popular phrase “headless chicken.”

Is it safe to say the Vegan/Vegetarian lifestyle is the way to go?