Prior to his death, Nipsey Hussle announced that he was working on a documentary based on Dr. Sebi and his holistic healing.

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For years it has been known that the Honduran herbalist found the cure for cancer, AIDS, or HIV, and the government sealed his findings to the general public. The LA rapper was in the process of using his platform to bring Dr. Sebi’s story to life, and many conspiracy theorists believe he was assassinated for that.

But the healer’s daughter, Kellie Bowman, and grandson, Izeal Bowman, stopped by BET’s new morning show, Black Coffee to shut down the rumors.


“When Nipsey first passed, most people thought, ‘Oh, he died because he was going to put out a documentary about Dr. Sebi,'” Izeal said. “Then three hours later, they found the shooter, found the killer, then all the speculation went out the window. When negative things happen or tragedies happen, our society is always quick to jump to an opinion, instead of knowing facts.”

“So the fact that Nipsey Hussle didn’t die over doing a documentary, it makes you think, ‘Why would they want to kill Nipsey over doing a documentary if he wasn’t Dr. Sebi?'” Izeal continued. “Or he wasn’t healing people?’ Yes, he was talking about the message, but a theory on killing Nipsey Hussle? No. There is no conspiracy. Nipsey Hussle died in gang violence, something that was very tragic to our society and to hip-hop, period.”

They also credited the late Left Eye for connecting Dr. Sebi to the Hip Hop community. Additionally, they added that when Nick Cannon came on board to wrap up Nipsey’s documentary, they saw great improvement in his health after placing him on a plant-based mineral diet.

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