Forbes announced it’s partnering with For(bes) The Culture to officially bring them into the Forbes family. For(bes) The Culture is a network of more than 3,000 members worldwide. For(bes) The Culture will serve as the official community of inclusion for the Under 30 community.

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By making For(bes) The Culture an official partner, Forbes will be responsible for endorsing and supporting the network as it helps drive diverse representation at the upcoming Under 30 Summit in Detroit.

“Two years ago, we saw the opportunity to create stronger conversations around under-represented communities at the major business conferences, where important issues like funding, talent and product development are discussed,” said Rashaad Lambert, who founded For(bes) The Culture along with Vinasia Miles and Founding Member Mendell Grinter.


For(bes) The Culture began with a chance encounter between Lambert and Miles. “2017 was my first 30 Under 30 event, and I was connecting with literally everyone, but leaning more toward people of color,” Miles says.

According to the description, For(bes) The Culture, represents people from various racial and ethnic groups to mentor one another, form business alliances, share career tips and hold one another accountable through WhatsApp groups—19 of them. Some have even launched and merged companies because of the connections that have been made.

For(bes) The Culture has even grown internationally in 2018 after a Forbes Under 30 Summit in was held in Israel.

Now that the group is officially partnered with Forbes, the co-founders hope to address “systemic issues of diversity and inclusion, bolster minority representation across the business world and open paths to better opportunities for future generations.”

For more information about all that For(bes) The Culture is doing, check them out here.

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