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On the anniversary of the unfortunate day that almost took his life, rumors spread that rapper Tsu Surf is back behind bars.

July 25th just doesn’t seem to be a lucky day for The Wave.


Just a year ago, he was shot five times in Newark (an assault that almost took his life). After surviving and recovering from that nearly tragic assassination attack, he emerged with one of the most solid commercial offerings in his generation of battle rap artists, Seven 25. From this project several other opportunities emerged and the spotlight remains on him to pop off. But with those bright lights also brings the attention of undesirables- crazed fans, enemy gang members & affiliates, hating-a$$ music execs and the police.


And on the first anniversary of his shooting, a day dubbed Surf’s Celebration of Life, a party/ concert and a new book was supposed to punctuate the day. Instead, rumors swirl and many say that Surf has been locked up again… on more weapons related charges.

First this announcement hit the twitterverse informing fans that the party was canceled.

While not verified, one fan posted what appears to be an official document and mugshot that would substantiate the rumors.


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If it is true, fans are fearful that the knock might jump in the way of his very promising career. They are worried about his battle against two of battle rap’s Mt. Rushmore icons, Loaded Lux and Hollow Da Don (Loaded Hollows) with his Gun Titles partner, Tay Roc. They are worried about the release of new music this summer with Mozzy. Some are worried about his family and young daughter. Most are worried that this might be the one that jams him up for good. In the past, Surf has proven to be teflon. Let’s hope luck remains on his side. #FreeTheWave


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