When the world met Baltimore rapper deetranada she was presented as a no-nonsense talking, a lyrical titan on Season 3 of Lifetime’s The Rap Game. A platform created by producer Jermaine Dupri, this show introduced the world to a tough-talking teen with bars to back up her confidence. She was pegged early on as a break-out star on the reality show. And while she did not win, she has not stopped recording.

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Her rhymes and mature beat selection made on her 2017 debut album made you scratch your head in amazement, and by its title,  Adolescence Swim, fans were reminded that she was still a kid.  Earlier this year, her guest appearance on Kyla Imani’s summertime cool out song “Decline,” showed that she can flip her style a stop of the hat- amalgamating her rough and rugged to Kyla’s smooth and light vocals. But even in that… fans still saw a high school student talking about “clicking” on a silly boy.

But not anymore!


The high school graduate has dropped a new single entitled “All of Me,” and fans are stuck trying to reconcile the tomboy they fell in love with on the show, with this blossoming young woman fully articulating how she feels about love and break-up.


It is refreshing to hear this radio-ready track from this artist. Looking forward to hearing the rest of this project.