The #FREEMAXB wave was one of the first instances of fans rallying to get a rapper out of prison, but it looks like Max B is doing a good job at getting it done all on his own. The Harlem-bred MC is now reporting, straight from lock-up, that his prison sentence has now been down-sized for the better.

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Sharing the news via Instagram — yes, Max B is still posting from prison — Biggaveli broke down how he flipped a 75-year sentence to 20 years, then go it shaved down to just 12. He writes in the caption, “They gave me 75, got it chopped to a 20 then got it down to a dozen, nigga I’m good with the money ?? #SUPERBAD,” with the hashtag referencing his new single with French Montana off their joint mixtape Coke Wave 4. Max was originally sentenced back in 2009 on conspiracy charges relating to armed robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault and felony murder. He took a plea bargain for aggravated manslaughter in 2016 in order to get the new 20-year sentence and was given a July 1, 2029 release date for time served. No word yet on how he got it reduced to 12, but if that sentence is also subject to time served it could mean that we’ll see Wavy Crockett as a free man as early as 2021.

We’ll keep you all updated on the latest in Max B’s release from prison as more info arrives, but listen to ‘Coke Wave 4‘ right now in the meantime if you haven’t already to keep the wave alive.