Women in rap continue to soar in 2019 thanks to the profound kinship of two powerhouses. Over the weekend, Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion linked up on Instagram Live and publicly bonded to which Megan heralded Nicki as being the greatest of all time, GOAT. It is impossible to ignore the natural sisterly energy between the two rap giants, with Minaj in respective big sis status.

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The live started with Thee Stallion praising Minaj and delving into fan antics saying how she’s been rocking with Nicki in her early days throughout junior high school. It was fascinating to her “Hot Girl” tribe seeing the Fever artist show love to an iconic figure.

“We are gagging right now. We are gassed! Nicki! B*tch we love you!” said Megan. “Since motherfucking 2008 and I was in the 8th grade and I could listen to rap music on my own!”


The live flows into a cozy home girl conversation as the two discuss their long-term goals, ultimately highlighting Thee Stallion’s education. The “Realer” artist says she has been questioned in the industry about her confidence in being a rapping college student. After congratulating her on her success and college enrollment, Nicki encourages the novice rap star to finish her undergraduate degree and shared how she regrets not attending college. “My only regret in life is not going to college,” said Nicki. “I just wanted to go to college just to say I did and had that experience. I always feel like when I see people go to college I’m living vicariously through them.” Megan is currently a Healthcare Administration major at Texas University where she entering her senior year. During the live, she enlightened Minaj about her plan to utilize her degree to open healthcare facilities in her city of Houston.

Returning to homage mode, Megan cited Minaj’s earliest hits both Gucci Mane infused, “Slumber Party” and “Freaky Girl” and went on to show how she gets down to Minaj’s tunes with back rolled infused twerking, ultimately declaring the respect for Minaj and her GOAT status. “Stop playing with her! “Stop playing with Nicki Minaj like she ain’t the motherfucking goat,” Megan exclaimed.

The two made it clear that their unity is not a signal of combativeness against others. Nicki was hesitant about sharing her opinion about the climate of women in rap with a fear her expression will be taken out of context. However, Megan advised the rap star to ignore the internet and assured their mission to establish order in the game.

“Don’t let the internet be a bully,” Megan told Minaj. “People gotta stop being so sensitive. Like everybody taking shots and jabs, that’s not the vibes…that’s not what we doing.”

The two mentioned the possible coming of a Hot Girl summer song, now a dire collaboration for rap fans. Thee Stallion, acknowledging Nicki’s relationship with her childhood sweetheart Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, says girls can still have a hot girl summer with their men. Nicki did not want to hint too much with her they “know know” remarks, however, it is leaning toward an of course. Meg placed a callout on DJ Booth, securing her chance. “Cause we been looking for it. So it’s okay because I’m finally gonna have an album and we need the queen.”

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