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Words by: Tahyira Savanna

You know that feeling when you buy a concert ticket and just countdown the days like it’s your birthday coming or something? Yeah. Cardi B performed at Minneapolis’ Target Center on Saturday for a whole fifty minutes and left fans wondering if there would be a part two.

The Hustlers movie star performed on stage with about 10 dancers against a set that looked pretty simple with the inclusion of a motorcycle that she sat on to perform “Motorsport.” She recently shared with her fans the hefty costs of managing performances and touring big arenas in an Instagram post that has now been deleted.  She has been working the festival circuit however and is set to receive a mega paycheck for her earnings, almost $10 million.  Money!


Her 50-minute set was a replica of her festival show set and didn’t give the Twin Cities fans anything special. She was to perform in St. Paul with Bruno Mars last year but had to cancel out on the tour due to her pregnancy.  Her last Minneapolis appearance was at a nightclub during the 2018 Super Bowl.  Her fans have been patiently waiting for the Bronx native rapper and did not think this was the show they were going to get.

Despite the time limits, she put her attitude and sexy antics on display for the sold-out crowd of 15,000.  She performed in a sparkling blue bodysuit that accentuated her famous curves. She told the audience about how the outfit made her feel uncomfortable and was making her wet, in more places than just her underarms. Cardi’s claim to fame will always be her Vine and Instagram videos where she bluntly speaks her mind and asks for no forgiveness.  Impressively, she has been able to maintain said personality despite her glow up.  That’s why fans love her.  We love her too.