While initially sounding good on paper, the planned Woodstock 50 music festival has been going through a never-ending cycle of ill-fated delays. Following a venue change, unconfirmed performers and headliner JAY-Z pulling out just a few days ago, there looks to be some light at the end of the tunnel now that reports are saying the three-day event will be 100% free to attend.

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TMZ reports that Woodstock 50 will release tickets for free, albeit in limited quantities and with a suggested donation disclaimer. The venue is reportedly now being moved to Maryland as well (sorry New York!) and there will also be specific instructions on how to get your hands on the free tix that will be revealed by the end of this week. VIP tickets will also be available so the event can actually, you know, make some money. The 50th anniversary celebration is just a little over two weeks away, and with no big headliner on the bill, plus the scheduled performers of the original planned event reportedly not tied to their contracts due to all the last minute changes, we just hope this event can still happen in some capacity to honor the historic 1969 festival that’s still considered to be a prominent memory in music history today.

Stay updated on the most accurate information by heading to the Woodstock 50 official site. Fingers crossed!