DJ SpinKing got a head start on his entertainment career during his teens. After learning how to DJ utilizing his older brother’s equipment, he would often throw parties for his classmates in North Jersey. From there he began making his way around the New York and Jersey club.  The once aspiring entertainer has now gained the respect of a number of Hip-Hop’s biggest artists. In addition, his ability to spin records and attract large crowds has ventured into other lucrative endeavors.

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The Jersey native is managed by his older brother Star, who owned the popular strip club Lust & Love. Prior to the family’s ownership, SpinKing was a regular DJ at the club. When it was up for sale, Star jumped at the opportunity. The club was well-known for its premier service and bringing out some of the biggest stars in Hip-Hop. DJ SpinKing was featured on A Boogie With Da Hoodie’s platinum 2016 hit “Timeless.” In the song, the Highbridge Honcho says,

“I ain’t walking’ through the club no more


Ha, but if Lust hit me up I’ll go

Ah, SpinKing, that’s the f***ing bro”

In addition to DJing, he became a brand ambassador for 50 Cent’s Effin Vodka, which led to him holding the same position for 50’s LeChemin Du Roi champagne. SpinKing believes in establishing organic relationships, which attributes to his success. He runs the multi-faceted DNR group with his brothers. DNR Music recently signed a partnership deal with Warner Music’s Asylum Records. Under DNR they have signed Bali Baby, Drippy and Poppa Da Don. Fans can anticipate Poppa Da Don’s latest track with GS9’s Rowdy Rebel. Aside from creating opportunities for artists, DNR manages G4 Boyz as well.

As you can see, DJ SpinKing’s talent is divided amongst lucrative business ventures.