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TMZ posted a new video today that shows another perspective of what went down with A$AP Rocky in Sweden.

The video below was allegedly recorded before the alleged victim, Mustafa Jafari, threw a punch and his headphones at the rapper’s bodyguard. Meaning, it happened before the street brawl broke out.


Jafari claims self-defense for hitting the security guard and he managed to get let off with a slap on the wrist. However, the Harlem rapper’s bodyguard has not been charged despite the recording above.

A$AP Rocky and two members of his entourage have been sitting up in a Sweden prison cell for over two weeks for an assault charge, which he plead not guilty for. His trial began this week and he was charged with criminal assault. If convicted, he can face up to two years in prison.

There’s no telling if this new video will sway the verdict.

Flacko’s first hearing was on Tuesday at Stockholm District Court. The courtroom is heavily secured and closed off to the public. His mother, Renee Black, was in attendance as well as a presidential envoy sent by President Donald Trump himself.

He’s putting in overtime for that Black vote to continue his Russian assignments. #FreeFlacko