The King and The Boy are linking up for business. The Hollywood Reporter reveals Drake is now the part-owner of LeBron James’ Canada division of the Uninterrupted.

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Uninterrupted is a media source that empowers athletes to produce content and connect directly with the fans and the general public without the assistance of a third party. Uninterrupted Canada will have Scott Moore as CEO and Vinay Virman as the chief content officer.

“When we started Uninterrupted, it was to give athletes a platform where we could share our stories and connect with our fans in a way we never had before,” LeBron said via press release. “It’s exciting to see that idea now leading a whole new era of athletes around the world feeling empowered to do more and be more.”


The duo of James and Drake worked together on The Carter Effect, a documentary based around Vince Carter’s impact on Toronto basketball, along with the latter appearing on the HBO series The Shop.