Ghostface Killah gave rap fans everywhere the ultimate surprise earlier this month by announcing his upcoming album, Ghostface Killahs, with a cinematic music video for the first single titled “Conditioning.” The visuals depicted a classic heist tale, which went well for the legendary Wu-Tang Clan member, and now we get to see the aftermath in the video for his follow-up single, “Party Over Here.”

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The homie Tony Starks brings the bashment to the club, tossing up bottles of bubbly with his crew and a host of fine ladies as well. Moments of mean-mugging are thrown into the mix to set the mood of tension — you got to stay on lookout after pulling off a major heist like that! — but thankfully the night continues on without any bottles being broken. Director Rock Davis opts for a vivid color theme throughout, primarily using a slightly infrared color filter for added effect. The video and track itself is really just about enjoying life, or rather the nightlife to be more exact, and we can definitely agree with that sentiment — well, minus pulling off robberies in Party City masks and Dead Presidents-inspired face paint.

Watch the music video for “Party Over Here,” the latest single by Ghostface Killah, and be sure to check for his upcoming album ‘Ghostface Killahs‘ when it arrives this August.