Gucci has named Renée E. Tirado the new Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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According to Complex, the announcement is to assist with the implementation of a worldwide strategy to ensure the components of Tirado’s title are present in Gucci’s output. The aim is to build a “positive corporate culture for all.”

“I am in the business of making human connections that start with the foundations of inclusivity, respect, and diversity to ensure Gucci remains culturally and economically competitive,” Tirado said in a statement. “I am honored to join a company that puts these non-negotiable values at the forefront of their business model, not as ‘a nice to have’ but as a key component of its business strategy.”


As a part of her role, Tirado will be at the helm of Cultural Awareness Learning Program, the Global Multicultural Design Fellowship Program, the Internal Global Exchange Program, and the Employee Resource Groups. She will also serve on the Gucci Changemakers Council and the Chime for Change Advisory Board. She will also work with the VP of Brand and Culture Engagement Antoine Philips. Within her position, Tirado will also oversee work dedicated toward gender equality and support of the LGBTQIA community.

“I am confident that Renée will help us create the meaningful change we want to see not only in our company but in the fashion industry,” Bizzarri said Tuesday.

Tirado spoke with Complex and revealed that she is aiming to adjust the discussions that go into fashion.

“Part of my job will be about bringing new conversations in. How are we doing with the work force diversity agenda?,” Tirado said. “How can we bring more people that are diverse into not only Gucci, but also the fashion industry in general? How do we provide a level playing field for those new employees to compete and be the future leaders of the industry? How do we leverage Gucci’s core values to make more consumers feel they are a part of this journey and, in turn, grow our business?”

You can read the full interview with Renée E. Tirado over at Complex here.