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Machine Gun Kelly seems to be advocating for A$AP Rocky’s release and wants to hit the country where it hurts: their candy sales.

MGK expressed to TMZ that he thought what was happening to the Harlem rapper was grimy and says he’s willing to boycott Swedish products until he’s released.

In the brief interview below, he declared the nation’s famous chewy, red, fish-shaped candy was canceled until Rocky was back in the states.


“Dude, I say we put a boycott! We don’t buy any Swedish fish, no IKEA, no more Spotify until we let him out,” the reporter urged. But Machine Gun Kelly wasn’t bold enough to boycott the streaming service. “Free my man… No more Spotify? Woah,” the “I Think I’m OKAY” rapper quickly retracted once he realized what he was agreeing to.

Although the intentions are good, Swedish Fish is now owned by Cadbury and manufactured in Canada and not Sweden anymore.